We cannot do it all on our own – but TOGETHER, we can GROW

We have a neurotransmitter called Oxytocin in our brains. Some call this the “connection” transmitter because it drives us to desire community and feel a connection. It rewards us for the connection with other people.

Through evolution, isolation has often lead to death. This means we are stronger in groups. Physically being around other people protects us. This is why cities were built.

Now, of course, we do not necessarily need to surround ourselves with others just to survive anymore, but we still desire that social connection. We crave community and authentic connections.

And being an entrepreneur can be lonely!

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Many times, the people in our lives do not understand what we do.

I know whenever I get a chance to talk to business with someone in the wellness industry, I get so fired up!

It’s so fun. I love it.

And let’s be real…. it’s hard to find authentic connections online!!

The online space is getting more and more crowded by the day.

There are more coaches entering the field.

There are more trainings, tips and tactics being learned and shared by the minute.

More digital companies and marketing strategies popping up every where.

More and more people sharing what they did to get their success.

There is NO WAY we can learn and do it all on our own.

My sweet online friend and fellow business entrepreneur Marsha Apsley put it so well…

“When I took up running, I ran alone. Eventually I joined a running club, and I ended up running farther and faster than I ever thought I could. I’ve found business is the same. I started on my own and tried to grow by watching webinars and signing up for multiple email lists. But it wasn’t until I became part of a community of like-minded women that I saw growth in my business and did things, like writing a book, that I couldn’t have done on my own.”

Marsha is a Faith and Fitness influencer, counselor and author.

Marsha and I have been in the same membership community for female health entrepreneurs for the past few years. We have supported one another’s businesses over the years and it is connections like these that truly make online communities so worth-while!

So how will you stand out and build a business that feels good to you?

By staying true to YOU and surrounding yourself with the right people.

Just because one person had success one way does not mean everyone else will.

There are a million variables.

If you want to grow a thriving, online business that allows you to enjoy your work, help others and have more financial and time freedom, you NEED to…

⭐️ Figure out what you do and do not stand for.

⭐️ Be willing to give value and put in the time + effort before asking people to buy from you.

⭐️ Invest in your mind.

⭐️ Surround yourself with people doing what you are doing and who you can learn from.

⭐️ Learn the tips and tactics but be ready to try different things until you get the result you want.

⭐️ Work hard.

⭐️ Be grateful for the opportunities we have in 2019, patient when things don’t go as planned and content with where you are now

And, just because sometimes we need to look at things from a different lense…

Here is what you do NOT need to do to grow an online business…

  • Try to be like someone else (it’s exhausting and just too darn hard to sustain)
  • Put a program out there and expect people to just buy it (please put the time in first)
  • Think that you can learn it all and do it all on your own (Hello overwhelm and burnout)
  • Think that the world – or Facebook – owes you something and get angry when things don’t go as planned… because you will be angry a lot 😉
  • Expect immediate gratification (most business take at least 2 years before they become profitable)


None of us can.

Each one of us carries our special gifts and entrepreneurial journey…

And together we can GROW.