The Business Finance + Stat Tracker

Are your business finances a mess?


Have you been searching for a simple (inexpensive) way to keep your business organized?


Look no further. 


The Business Finance + Stat Tracker saves you time and keeps finances organized!


Use the simple sheets to track your monthly income and expenses. The formulas are already in place and will tally your monthly and yearly revenue and expenses.


There is also a sheet to track your monthly social media and blog stats that automatically shows you the % change from month to month.




Don’t waste anymore time on excel calculations! This amazing tool will save you time and keep your finances + social media stats organized!



Business Finance + Stat Tracker

– Monthly income and expense reports
– Annual report of income and expenses automatically totaled from monthly reports
– Monthly social media stat tracker with % changes automatically configured
– Monthly blog stats with % changes automatically configured






Special note from me to you… 🙂

The Business Finance Tracker was created by an accountant friend last year and I seriously used it every month in my business. It as so eye opening to see where my money went, what efforts brought in the most money, and what social media platforms were working for me and which ones just were not growing.


I would absolutely recommend this bad boy to any small business owner or entrepreneur.. which is why I teamed up with my friend to be able to offer it to you! 🙂