90 Day GROW Mastermind + Mentorship

A unique opportunity for networking, learning from the collective experience of like-minded women and getting one-on-one support to move your business forward with proven systems.



Once you join you will immediately receive access to…


  • All of the training modules
  • Facebook Ads 101 Course
  • How To Start An Online Business Mini Course
  • Done-for-you Lead Magnets 
  • The 10 Ways To Find MONEY For Your Business ebook



As a wife, mom, sister, daughter, employee, solopreneur, small biz owner… you cannot do it all!

None of us can.

Each one of us carries our special gifts and entrepreneurial journey…

And together we can GROW.

If you know where you are and where you want to go, then what’s left is gaining the capabilities to take you there.

The GROW Mastermind + Mentorship Program is designed to deliver you the “how” and help you create your plan for increasing your income and impact while scaling your time and profits. 

It is a peer-to-peer gathering led by a thought-leader and industry experts (myself + others). This is a unique opportunity for networking, learning from the collective experience of a like-minded group and getting one-on-one support to move your business forward with proven systems.

The goal of the Mastermind and Mentorship is to increase your income and impact.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Weekly Group Calls: This is an opportunity to do goal check-ins, talk about any struggles, share wins, I do mini trainings now and then and we do hot seats which is a chance for myself and group members to get a look into your biz and offer ideas
  • 1:1 Support: Deep dive and outside perspective into your business
  • Clarity: Create a vision for your business and get clear on your customer and their journey
  • Goal Crushing: You will set 90 day goals and then monthly goals.
  • Accountability: You will set 30 day goals that we keep you accountable to and support you if struggling to reach them.
  • Action: Make weekly commitments to yourself to make a DECISION and TAKE ACTION on something that will move your business forward
  • Education: Access to private membership site with all content, trainings and recorded group video calls
  • Community: Make connections, get support and stay accountable
  • ROI: Make a financial and educational return on your investment

The GROW Mastermind + Mentorship is for women who….

  • Want to turn their side hustle into a full-time online income and stop trading time for dollars
  • Have a been in the fitness/wellness business for at least 2 years (either online or offline)
  • Are ready and willing to learn and do the work to grow a business

Why did I create this?

… I have a heart and desire to “talk business” with and build up other women…

… because building and growing a business is hard

… because doing something new is scary

… because working online can be lonely and most the people in our lives just don’t get it

… because we push ourselves harder when we are held accountable

… because our peers help us get out of our own heads

… because TOGETHER we can go further!

    Next group starts summer/fall 2020

    $250/mo for 3 months, Group Zoom calls every Thursday at 2:30p EST/11:30a PST

    Bonus #1: How To Start An Online Business Mini Course ($250 value)


    • Deep dive in to the tech how-to and complete business set up 
    • My BEST tips and tactics for growing a scalable business (meaning you don’t waste your precious time)
    • Strategy and tutorial videos
    • Worksheets and guides
    • Sample email sales sequence designed to help you sell your brand new program!

    Bonus #2: 11 Done-for-you Lead Magnets ($497 value)


    • 5-Day Clean Up Your Diet Challenge
    • 5-Day Gut Rebuilding Challenge
    • 10-Day Self Care Challenge
    • 14-Day Sugar Detox Challenge
    • 4-Week Meal Prep Challenge
    • Diets and Meal Plans Suck Presentation
    • Navigating Moderation and Mindfulness Presentation
    • Whole Foods and Sugar Presentation
    • 5 Ways Women Can Renew Their Energy Throughout The Day Talk/FB Live
    • 3 Reasons Why We Overeat Video Series
    • Which Kind of Workout is Right for You Quiz

    Bonus #3: Facebook Ads For Fit Pros Course ($197 value)

    This course walks you through START to FINISH how to set up and run Facebook ads. You also get access to templates and sample ad copy.


    Bonus #4: 10 Ways To Find MONEY For Your Business ebook

    By implementing a few of these strategies and ideas – throw in the growth you will see in your business – you will easily make your investment back by the end of the 90 days.