If you are in the health and fitness industry, capitalizing on new year sales should be a top priority.

Are you planning to launch – or relaunch – something in the New Year?

I’ve put together a Facebook marketing plan for you in the easiest way I could think of in an effort to help you capitalize on the New Year fitness frenzy. 🙂

If you need a little extra help or are wasting too much time trying to figure everything out on your own or are not doing anything because you don’t even know where to start, I can help you create, market, and execute your fitness + nutrition program.

Your Facebook Marketing Plan to Boost Sales in the New Year

✅ Decide what program or service you are going to offer in January.

I recommend starting a group fitness or nutrition program half way through January – this give people time to get home from holiday travel and settled – and you a little more time to promote.

If you have never ran a program before – a 30 or 60 day jump start program is a great place to start.

You could also offer it as a beta launch for a lower price if it is your first time – this gives you permission and time to not have everything all figured out yet!

✅ Create a simple guide, worksheet, or challenge that is a first step or starting point to the program. Create a landing page and email series for this free offer.I have A done-for-you challenges that is PERFECT fora lead magnets if you are stuck: 5 Day Clean Up Your Diet Challenge

✅ Next, create a video view ad or a post engagement ad sharing a piece of valuable info to your target audience.

Video view ads are cheapest, so if you can – do that! Some ideas could be a video on quick tips for staying healthy over the holidays, why diets and meal plan are not sustainable, nutrition myths busted, etc. Just be sure it aligns with your free offer and paid program!

 Run the ad for about a week and then create an audience and lookalike audience based off of the people who watched 10 sec of your video or engaged with your post.

✅ Next, run a conversion ad to your free offer to the people who viewed your video.

You could also run an ad to the cold audience of lookalikes and see how that one does. It may cost a little more to run ads to the lookalike but I have had success with it. test, test test 

✅ Set up an email series for your new subscribers telling them about your paid program launching in January.

Perhaps offer a discount to people who sing up before 2019…

✅ In January, run a Reach ad and a conversion ad to your paid offer to your WARM audience (people who watched your videos, engaged with you on FB, and your current email list)

Conversion ads are great for getting people to take action – which is what we want for a free offer or paid program. But Reach ads can also be helpful to just get your ad in front of as many of your ideal people as possible! I would only use a reach ad if you have a large audience… Conversion ads are still king.