Joining Facebook groups where other health, fitness and wellness entrepreneurs hang out can have a HUGE impact on your business.


Facebook groups are a great place to make connections, ask questions, feel supported, and – probably most importantly – learn ways to GROW YOUR BUSINESS… for free!


Surround yourself with people who have walked in your shoes already, are smarter than you, and whom you can learn from.


8 Free Facebook Groups for Health, Fitness, and Wellness Entrepreneurs {November 2017}

8 Free Facebook Groups for Health, Fitness, and Wellness Entrepreneurs #fitfam Click To Tweet


Last year, I published two blog posts – one sharing my favorite Facebook groups for fitness bloggers and one about Facebook groups for Personal Trainers. They have been some of my most popular posts.


I have tried to go in and update them throughout the year depending if one group shut down or I found a better group to share with that particular niche.


Instead of constantly updating those old posts, I decided to create this Ultimate List of my TOP Facebook groups for health, fitness, and wellness entrepreneurs in general!



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Here are my top 8 FREE Facebook groups for health, fitness, and wellness entrepreneurs:


As Tony Robbins says: “If you improve yourself, your skill, your ability, your talent, you’re going to be able to do things nobody else can do.”


Facebook Groups for Health, Fitness, and Wellness Entrepreneurs

Fitness Business Freedom Formula

This is an awesome group for studio owners, personal trainers, and fitness entrepreneurs in general.

The founder, Alicia Streger, shares super helpful tips and resources that will seriously take your business to the next level. She gives away TONS of fee resources and value, runs some fun contents, supports good causes, and the members in the group are very active and supportive of one another.

This is definitely one of my favorite groups and I have learned A LOT from the group and Alicia over the past couple years.



Top Facebook Groups for Health, Fitness, and Wellness Bloggers

Health Coach Peer Support

This is a great group for health coaches, dietitians, and certified health/wellness/fitness professionals to brainstorm, share ideas, and support each other in growing a businesses.

The group is ran by Kathleen LeGrys, who co-hosts the Wellness Business podcast (which is AWESOME), gives away TONS of free resources, and also runs the “Done-For-You Programs for Health Coaches” Facebook group.

This Done-For-You Programs group is where you can find Done-For-You (DFY) programs and resources such as health coaching programs, workshops, detoxes, recipes, opt-ins, and more.

I especially LOVE this group concept because anyone can share their DFY products in the group – and I happen to have one! 🙂



Facebook Groups for Health, Fitness, and Wellness Entrepreneurs

Take Your Health Practice Online

Lori Kennedy from the Wellness Business Hub runs this group and I LOVE her stuff. She is very clear and thorough in her messaging – whether it is a value-packed blog post, guest on a summit or podcast, or one of her free challenge.

I highly recommend checking out her blog – I’ve learned so much from her posts – and then go join her group so you don’t miss anything amazing she comes out with!



Facebook Groups for Fitness Entrepreneurs / The Fit Niche

Online Trainers Unite

Jon Goodman is the “man” when it comes to online training. I’ve been reading his stuff and following him for years. He is a straight-shooter, no BS kind of guy and stays on top of industry trends.

Jon runs the Personal Training Development Center website, developed the Online Trainer Academy last year, and shares some really actionable tips and resources for trainers looking to get online clients.



Facebook Groups for Health, Fitness, and Wellness Entrepreneurs

Fit Pros Unite

This group is also ran by Jon Goodman but is geared for personal trainers and fit pros in general – not just online trainers or those looking to transition their business online.



Facebook Groups for Health, Fitness, and Wellness Entrepreneurs / The Fit Niche

Get Seen, Get Clients, Get Paid

Lisa Simone-Richards is da bomb. She is my newest role model… seriously. I met her a couple years ago in my Facebook group and she even did a Fitpreneur Interview on my blog last year.

Ove this past year or so, she has launched two AMAZING online summits, her Facebook group, and has really made a name for herself in the online fitness world.

What I really love and admire about Lisa is how authentic she is, she doesn’t try to overly promote herself but shares tons of free value, and she “walks the walk.”

She teaches people how to think BIG, get big publicity, and make big moves in their businesses. And that is JUST what I have watched her do in her own business this past year. Lisa has been featured on some of my fave podcasts, she works with some really big name clients in the industry, and she interviewed some super influential fitness entrepreneurs in her summits.

She is a pretty cool chick – so check out her Facebook group! 🙂



Facebook Groups for Health, Fitness, and Wellness Entrepreneurs / The Fit Niche

Blissful Bites

This group is ran by my gal, Nicole Culver. If you’ve read my blog before or followed me on social media, you have heard me talk about Nicole. But if not, let me tell you a little about her.

Nicole is a mom, runs a granola company with her hubby, is a former blogger turned podcaster and business coach, and runs multiple free and paid courses throughout the year as well as a private business group for food and fitness entrepreneurs (which I am a part of).

Her free Facebook group, Blissful Bites Community, is a great place to ask blogging questions, connect with other bloggers, and stay up to date with her latest free trainings (which are always packed with value).



Facebook Groups for Health, Fitness, and Wellness Entrepreneurs

Fit Biz and Blog Mastermind Community

Last but not least, if you do not know about my free Facebook group for fitness and wellness entrepreneurs – and wanna-be entrepreneurs – please come join us.

I stared this group a little over a year ago as a way to connect with other bloggers and bounce ideas around to grow our blogs and businesses. At the time, I felt like so many of the groups I was a part of were just doing “link love” posts and I was getting very little value out of that.

This group is a place for like-minded health and fitness people to connect, ask questions, support one another, and ultimately – grow our businesses with a little help from our friends!  I try to be present in the group on a daily basis and answer any questions within the group.


Facebook groups are such a great way to connect with potential clients, build trust, and create a community on your own terms! Which is why so many (big and small) entrepreneurs are starting their OWN groups.


Do you run a Facebook group?


If not, you may find this post interesting >> How to start a successful Facebook Group to grow your business


If you do already have a group, check out this freebie >> 30 Facebook Group Post Ideas

30 Facebook Post Topic Ideas for Health, Fitness, and Wellness Entrepreneurs


Let’s Chat

I’d LOVE to know… what are some of your favorite Facebook groups that have had a positive impact on your blog/business?



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I help fitness and wellness entrepreneurs create simple and effective strategies to scale their businesses!

As a full time fitness director at a private club, personal trainer, mom, and entrepreneur, I know how crazy your schedule gets and how there are just never enough hours in the day as a Solopreneur.

By providing resources, support, and encouragement, my goal is to empower you to keep showing up every day as you work to build your online business.


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