Are you spending way too many hours creating social media content for your business each week?

Are you overwhelmed with what to even say to your email list or offer to your community? 


For those times you just don’t know what to say on social media, the Content Solution Club for health and fitness professionals to the rescue!

The Content Solution Club is monthly done-for-you social media and email marketing content that allows you to grow a scalable online business and stop trading all of your time for dollars.


You will receive well-researched fitness, nutrition and mindset content each month that builds your authority, creates engagement on social media, and allows you more time in your business! 


Enrollment currently closed!

Will open in summer 2021.

This content is perfect for:

Personal trainers, studio owners, wellness professionals, health coaches, nutritionists, online fitness coaches…

Whose philosophy aligns with the following approach to wellness and running a business:

  • You serve busy people who want quick and easy recipes, efficient workouts, and something different than the cookie-cutter programs!
  • You don’t believe one size fits all when it comes to diet and exercise.
  • You believe in teaching and empowering individuals to make their own healthy choices without blindly following meal plans or fitness advice.
  • You believe efficient workouts trump hours in the gym and nutrition habits trump diet plans and “rules”
  • You don’t believe there’s a single, absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt best diet for every person to follow.
  • You believe mindset is just as important – if not more important – as any tactic you can teach.
  • You are an entrepreneur looking to create an engaging Facebook community, grow your email list, provide value to your clients and still have time to get big things done in your business!

“LOVE the content. I really find the ghost articles super helpful to help drive certain messages.” – Bernadette C.

“I’m enjoying your content and it has so much value. I like using the content for blogs and posts.” – Celia A.

“I love your content, esp the lead magnets/ebooks to help me generate leads.” – Jacque H.

“I think the content is TOP NOTCH! I love the stock photos you are including too and all the editable Canva images.” – Monika G.

“I  am really liking the Content Solutions Club. It makes my social presence much more professional and polished.” – Dorothy W.

Here’s what you get when you join (+ every month after)

10 Educational Posts/Emails

March Theme: Aspects of Wellness

(+ possible email headlines and social media images for each post)

5 Brandable Conversation Starter Images

(+ plan images to add your own text, colors, etc.)

4 Healthy Recipes

(+ recipe cards + access to edit in Canva)

10-12 Health and Fitness Stock Photos

1 Lead Magnet

(challenge, training, quiz, etc.)

Sample Monthly Content Calendar


Yearly Business Finance Tracker

(Google sheet that you save and can use each year to track your monthly income and expenses, tally the totals at the end of the month and the generate a yearly gross and net revenue sheets based on each month’s numbers)

12 Months of Workouts

Includes social media graphics and access to edit the templates  in Canva.

Bi-Monthly Business Building Workshops

(Live workshop over Zoom + access to all past recorded workshops)

Past Recording Topics 

  • How To Use Free Offers
  • Organic Ways To Use Social To Find Clients
  • What Your Website Needs
  • How the Right Messaging Can Help You Grow Your Fitness Business
  • Open Q+A/Discussion
  • Email Marketing Tips + Convertkit Tutorial
  • How To Grow a Facebook Group The Right Way
  • Discovery Calls
  • How To Use Email Marketing To Monetize Your Business
  • Automating Your Business

Sneak peek at March content

By joining the Content Solution Club, you will…

… Save 20+ hours a month creating social media posts, challenges, trainings, and images.

… Show up on social media consistently and establish “know, like, and trust” before “selling”

… Build your authority by posting a variety of well-researched health and fitness topics. This sets you apart from the crowd and, over time, you become your ideal clients’ go-to resource.

… Provide consistent educational content that teaches your audience something and is the first step a potential customer takes to buying your product or services. 

… Create an engaged audience who wants to learn more about what you have to offer.

… Grow your email list, Facebook community, and business.

… Have more time to produce work that gets you paid and spend with the people you love!

“Sarah’s Content Solution Club was the exact tool I need to get my business started. Now that I am up and running her content is still a great tool to guide me. I have learned so much from working with her.”  – Rachael M.


“Having fresh content delivered each month from Sarah is a real boost to my online content generating efforts. It helps me to show up consistently by providing starter ideas and I can re-write and extract bits and pieces to put my own spin on things.” – Nantley V.

“The Content Solution Club is the BEST! It saves me so much time and stress – I don’t know what I’d do without it. Plus, Sarah is always there to answer questions, which has been really helpful and I appreciate so much. It’s a game-changer!” – Melaina M.

Connecting on social media and growing your email list KEY to growing an online business.

The content will not only save you HOURS but help to build your authority, grow your audience, and show up consistently.

Being consistent is crucial as a small business, and it’s also arguably one of the hardest things to do with all the hats small business owners wear.

Putting consistent, valuable content out there builds TRUST. And trust MUST come before selling.

More Sample posts

You MUST do this before you go on a “diet”

Turn on any news station or read any magazine this time of year, and you will hear people sharing their weight loss success stories on this diet or that technique.

First of all, weight loss is not the ONLY goal someone should have. In fact, it should really be a secondary result of living a healthier – longer – life.

Before you jump on the keto or paleo bandwagon, you need to address any deficiencies in your diet. More than 80 percent of the population has at least one nutritional deficiency.

If your body is lacking something it needs, it simply will not function properly — and that makes any health or fitness goal a lot harder.

So, to eliminate deficiencies, the first thing you must do is clean up your diet a bit.

  • Get plenty of vitamins and minerals
  • Make sure you are getting enough protein and healthy fats
  • Drink more water

Establishing optimal eating habits one step at a time allows you to create a sustainable change – and stop jumping from diet to diet every New Year.

Once nutritional deficiencies are addressed and you feel you are eating a well-balanced diet, then you can start to focus on calories, macro breakdowns, portions, etc.

Need a little extra help with figuring out HOW to make these changes? I am opening enrollment into my XYZ program this week and would be more than happy to jump on the phone with you to see if it is the right fit.

Exercise to increase metabolism

Well, let’s start by saying the human body is complex! 😉

So, for one, as we age our resting metabolic rate naturally goes down. Is what it is.

Secondly, I know it sounds obvious, but the we do need to keep in mind is that every BODY is different. One size doesn’t fit all and there is always more to the story.

Everybody processes, absorbs, and uses food differently… also known as our metabolism.

And, finally, the human body works very hard to adapt/maintain homeostasis.

So, if you are doing the same workout all the time, you are no longer expending as much energy (calories) as when you started. Because your body adapted and is more efficient.

Also, your muscles repair and grow during rest. So you do need to rest and take a day off sometimes.

If not, your body will not be able to work out as hard and reap the benefits of fitness as much as it potentially could. No rest can also lead to injury, burn out, and plateau.

A certain level of stress must be placed on the body’s muscles and joints in order to create adaptations to allow for lean muscle growth.

Studies have consistently shown that high intensity interval training (HIIT) stimulates the sympathetic nervous system to burn more fat as compared to steady-state exercise.

HIIT is bursts of very high intensity followed by a short rest. The entire workout tends to be about 20-30 minutes.

Not only does HIIT optimize fat burning during a relatively short exercise session, it actually keeps your metabolism elevated long after you’ve stopped.

Strength training is also an important piece to the puzzle

Having more muscle speeds up your metabolism because it burns calories at a faster rate than fat.

So, if you feel like you are not seeing the results you want … consider if you are 1) giving yourself enough rest to recover and repair properly, 2) think about if you have changed your workout lately, 3) consider your balance of strength training and high-intensity cardio, and 4) take a look at your diet… are you eating enough? Enough protein? Too much? Etc…

We dive into ALL of this in my XYZ program, we are stating a new session next week and would love to have you. Click here for more info.


Done-for-you social media and email marketing content for health and fitness professionals who want to grow a scalable online business and stop trading all of their time for dollars.