Looking for some easy-to-use apps to help you create those killer Instagram posts? You’ve come to the right place!


I was hesitant to get on the whole Instagram bandwagon… adding yet another social media platform to keep up with seemed exhausting!


But, I am sure glad I jumped on board and now I think Insta may just be my new favorite social site!


Nonetheless, it still take some serious time! The more I got into it, the more I realized how much my pictures kind of suck 🙂 and that I really had no clue what to post…


Luckily, there are TONS of Instagram courses, ebooks, and blog posts about how to make your account POP.


((Since supporting other bloggers is a must… Bloggers Gonna Blog recently launched an e-course: Influence with Instagram that looks pretty awesome!))


I still have a lot to learn and I don’t think my pictures are ever going to be as awesome as some of these beautiful accounts on IG (look for a post about how to get free, pretty images for your IG account in the next couple weeks!), but I have found a few (FREE) apps that have really helped me create consistent and unique content.

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3 {FREE} easy-to-use apps for creating Instagram posts



EverNote allows you to share data between your devices and is super duper helpful if you are a blogger and Instagrammer.


I use it to share a portion of my blog post on Instagram and it is a HUGE time saver.


Instagram allows you to almost write a little mini blog post under your picture. I don’t do this all the time, but it is nice to add some value to your image now and then by sharing some “teasers” or key points from a detailed, informative blog post.


Once I write and publish a blog post on my computer, I will pull out pieces of the text and paste it into EverNote. I will also get a square image, or make one, from the the blog post and save it into my EverNote account on my computer.


Then, on my iPhone, I just open the EverNote app, copy the text and save the image to my camera roll, then I can post the image to Insta and paste the text. Voila!


Another convenient way to use the app is to take a picture or save an image from your phone, save it in the EverNote app, and then open it back up on your computer to make edits or upload it to your blog post.


Also, sometimes if you download images from a site, you will have the option to save them in EverNote and that way you can access them on any device, not just your phone. Pretty neat.



The Typic app allows you to add borders and fancy text to images or blank backgrounds. I have found this to be especially helpful when creating posts for Instagram.


Instagram users love seeing white in profiles. It just looks fresh and clean. I sometimes follow a pretty looking account even if I really have no clue what they are all about!


 Typic allows you to add a white border to your photos, which can make your Insta account look a little cleaner and less chaotic.


 I especially like using the app to create quote posts. I saved an all white image to my phone, which I open up in Typic and can just add text to the white background. So easy.
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iMovie is a video editing app that is pretty easy to use, especially if you have short videos.


Video is a nice way to mix it up a bit and show a little more YOU on your Instagram account. I love this for quick fitness videos that I shoot of myself performing an exercise. The cropping tool allows me to crop out the part where I hit record on my phone and go get in position! 🙂


Record your video on your phone, open it and hit edit, click the three little dots and then choose the iMovie option. It will open your video in the app where you can then crop it, add some basic text, and put a filter on it if you want.



Some other cool apps that are pretty neat for Instagram:


Cool video of how it works here.



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