This post dives into 3 questions to ask yourself about your freebie and gives you 20 opt-in ideas and examples you can offer your ideal clients to set yourself apart.


20 Opt-in Ideas and Examples to Grow Your Email List


20 Opt-in Ideas and Examples to Grow Your Email List #blogandbusiness #entrepreneurlife Click To Tweet


You have heard it before… You need to grow your email list. The money is in the list.


But how do you actually do that?


You create a really great free offer in exchange for an email address.


Sounds easy enough, right?


Sure, if you had all the time in the world.


As an entrepreneur, your time is limited.


And your time is valuable.


If you don’t have any way of collecting email addresses at all yet, JUST GET SOMETHING OUT THERE.


Done is better than none. But don’t put crap out there there. It has to be valuable.



Done is better than NONE. But don't put crap out there. --> 20 Opt-in Ideas to Grow Your Email List Click To Tweet



Ask yourself these 3 questions about your free opt-in:


1. Does my free offer just provide tips and tricks or does it solve a problem?


Tips, tricks, and free content is everywhere. You have to actually give your client a transformation. Take them from point A to point B and leave them asking how you can get them to point C.

If you cannot form a transformation for them in your free stuff, what makes them want to get out their wallet to pay you for a transformation.


2. Do you have a strategy?


Think about the logical next step for for your ideal client after they complete your free offer. Is it your paid product or service?


3. Does your free offer start to build know, like, and trust?


Your free offer has to show your expertise and get your new subscriber to start trusting in you.


For example, let’s say you are a personal trainer and your free offer is a video series that shows your ideal client various ways to exercise their abs without sit ups. Your new subscriber throws in a few of these exercises and feels great. Now they want to know how to lose some extra weight and firm up their backside, guess who they are going to ask for help?


Learn best by example?


Me too.


Here are 20 free opt-in ideas + examples you could offer your readers:


Note: If this is the first opt-in you have ever created and you do not have a very engaged audience, I suggest keeping it simple (a checklist, worksheet, resource guide, short and to the point pdf., etc).


Simple does not mean lack of value. Too much information can actually overwhelm people.


You don’t want to put a ton of time into something that is too big of a commitment for an audience who is still getting to know you and deciding if they trust you.


They are coming to you for understanding and clear direction. They don’t want to have to think or work too hard.


PDF or Ebook

This can cover pretty much ANY topic and is easy to create in Canva or just lay it all out in a Word.doc then turn it into a PDF.

PDF Download Example: Steph from Stupid Easy Paleo: 7 Day Paleo Meal Plan – She includes the meal plan, recipes, and shopping list.

Ebook Example: Jase Stuart Men’s Health Mentor: 14 Non-Diet Fat Loss Hacks – Anything to do with weight loss and nutrition is kind of the low hanging fruit in the fitness industry – people eat it up! In his book, Jase gives simple, shortcut strategies to hack your weight.



Oh my, do people LOVE checklists! You could put the steps to the process you teach into a checklist. Or offer a checklist that will help idea client stay organized and save him or her time. You can create a checklist in Canva and save it to a PDF.

Example: I had a hard time finding JUST a checklist as a freebie. Most people are offering a checklist in combination with something else… see the next example!


Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet offers a quick solutions and lists point or steps to achieve a result.

Example: Jenny from Pitch Perfect Cheat Sheet – Jenny includes a cheat sheets, check list, and real life examples on how to pitch to brands and make money from your blog.


Worksheet or Workbook

These often go along with a blog post or course to add value and enhance the reader’s experience. It helps organize a bunch of information into one visually appealing place.

Example: Beth Brombosz from Blogger to Author: First Steps to Your First Book worksheets – Helps you get organized and get started with writing your ebook.



Similar to any other PDF you create, a guide can be about any kind of helpful tips or strategies that will help your audience.

Example: Jill from offers a few different free guides– A Cardio Guide, A 3-Day De-bloat Guide, and a Mindset Manuel


Resource Guide

This is a roundup of your favorite resources, tools, apps, programs, etc. that will save your audience time and allow them to skip past the trial and error stage.

Example: Lavish Nutrition’s Guide to Low Sugar Wine – Laura’s guide breaks down which wines are okay to drink and the ones to stay away from.


Expert Roundup Guide

This is a fun one because everyone loves real-life examples and stories. This guide offers experts advice and ideas on a specific topic.

Example: My freebie 🙂 Blogging Lessons Learned – A roundup of tips, advice, and valuable lessons learned along the way from health and fitness influencers



Give your readers the templates you use or your clients use to achieve a specific result. This can be a google doc, spreadsheet, etc…

Example: Health Coach Solutions: 7 Templates + Client Worksheets – Kathleen LeGrys offers a TON of great resources for health pros. This particular download includes: Discovery Session Guide with Scripting, Food Diary, Meal Planning Worksheet, Exercise Log, Coaching Session Template, and More!


Swipe File or “Done-for-you” content”

People are busy and love “done-for-you” content because they don’t have to re-create the wheel, so these are usually a great opt-in. Think emails, copy, examples, etc

Example: Pat Rigsby’s 52 Cut + Paste Fitness Newsletters – This is a really AWESOME freebie if you are in the fitness industry.  He send a bunch of sample newsletter emails over in a Word.doc so you can copy, paste, and edit to make it fit your business.


Behind-the-scenes content

Everyone loves to get behind the scenes and feel like a VIP. This could be case studies, things that have worked or did not work, questions and answers from clients, anything you use that has helped you to XYZ, etc.

Example: Meg Gallagher from MegSquats: Free Planner – She calls it a sneak peek at the tools she uses to make her  strength, business, and personal goals.



You can have your readers take the quiz, but then have to opt-in to your email list in order to get their results. Or, provide an additional resource that helps explain their results.

Example: What Kind of Leader Are You? – This is my quiz that helps you to discover your leadership strengths and how to use them to inspire others. The quiz and results are free, but if you want more details about your results, you provide your email address.



I love how easy Interact is to use (<– yep, that’s an affiliate link because it is an amazing and easy-to-use quiz builder platform)



This could be a live or previously recorded webinar. The appeal of a free live (or recorded) training is much higher than a free PDF.

Example: Steph from Stupid Easy Paleo: 4 Ways Smart Women Sabotage Their Health Webinar – I believe she runs the webinar at certain times throughout the year. This would lead into her paid program.


Video Series

This is a common lead magnet for an online course, because the video trainings typically offer much higher value than some of the other opt-ins. This is a common opt-in for an online course and the videos can include topics included inside the course.

Example: Beth Brombosz’s 5 Day Yoga Jump Start video series – Every day for five days, you get an email with a link to a video (around five minutes long) with an exercise for that day.


Video Training or Tutorial

This is just one video training and can be a mini version of the video series. You may also add a small PDF download that goes with the video.

Example: Noelle Tarr from Coconuts and Kettlebells: Skin Care Confusion Video – A step-by-step video tutorial to learn exactly how to implement a natural skin care routine plus recipes. Scroll to the bottom of her homepage to see her freebies!



This could look variety of ways but usually includes some kind of mini training with videos, downloads, and or emails.

Example: Chris Dufey’s Fitness Business Workshop – A four-part video series on building an online training biz


Live Call

This is a great opportunity for your audience to ask you questions and for you to learn more about your audience!

Example: Katie from Elevate with Katie: Quarterly Mentorship Call – Katie does something pretty cool. She hosts free live group calls for potential clients to get their questions answered.



These are super popular in the health and fitness industry because they are meant to keep participants accountable. Challenges are usually based around a specific skill or problem-area. You want to keep them short enough that people stay engaged but long enough that they achieve a result.

Examples: Beyond Fit Mom: 7 Day Jump Start Challenge – This is an intro to one of the many plans and challenges she offers


Email Course

This is a great option to get your audience used to opening your emails and allows you to break up a series of steps into separate emails over the course of 1-3 weeks.

Example: Jill from JillFit’s 7-Day Biz School for Health + Fitness Pros – This was such a good email course!!


Resource Library

This is a great idea if you have a bunch of smaller opt-in freebies and you want them to all be stored in the same place. It is also a very valuable opt-in as your ideal client is getting tons of tips, tricks, and resources.

Example: Nicole Culver’s Free Resource Library for Bloggers – She does a ton of free challenges, videos, trainings, and podcasts so she has a lot of content to give away in her library.


Online Summit

This is a REALLY content-packed series of video interviews that usually leads into a high ticket program. Sometimes you can only access the videos for a certain period of time (usually 24 hours), other times they are available to subscribers forever.

Example: Lisa Simone Richards’s Audience Attraction Formula – Lisa put together a GREAT summit/video series for health + fitness entrepreneurs and I totally recommend it! 😉



All sound great, but need some extra help?




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