Hi, I’m Sarah!

I help fitness and wellness professionals build and grow their online businesses so that they can have more impact, income, and time with their families.

If you are ready to start and grow your online fitness and wellness business, you have come to the right place!

We are devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources to help you grow a scalable business so that you can have more impact, income and time with your very important people.



Content includes…

✔️ 10 educational posts that teaches your audience and builds your authority

✔️ 5 conversation starter images (+ access to edit in Canva)

✔️ 10 health + fitness stock photos

✔️ 4 recipes with images + recipe cards (+ access to edit the recipe card templates in Canva)

✔️ editable lead magnet to grow your list or offer added value to current clients.

Hi there!

I am so glad you are here. My name is Sarah and I’m a mom to two crazy and awesome boys, an entrepreneur, fitness trainer, avid coffee drinker, idea person, and philanthropist.

Just like you, I want to grow my own business so that I can not only help people but call my own shots and have more time and financial freedom.

Being a parent has taught me just how valuable time is with the people we love. I believe time is a bigger asset than money… but money allows us more time freedom. And in order to get MORE money and time to do the things we love, we must continue to grow our minds.

I am a big believer in investing time, money, and resources into the things that really matter to us. For me, that includes my faith, family, and helping and encouraging other people.

My mission is to provide you with the resources, support, and confidence to build and grow a business you love and stop trading your time for dollars!

believe setting up systems and products that allow you to scale your time and help more people is the most BEAUTIFUL thing about online business!

I am all about offering real, no-fluff value when it comes to growing your business. 



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5% of net profits donated to Northern Light Coffee, whose mission is to offer the best coffee while also restoring hope, empowerment, and freedom to girls out of sex trafficking by offering resources, mentoring, and career opportunities.